Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business

...Why So Much Music You Hear Sucks....

Vi consiglio questo interessante libro scritto da Hank Bordowitz, con ragionamenti approfonditi su certi aspetti oscuri (mica tanto...) della discografia. Mi pare sia del 2007, quindi è aggiornato ma non aggiornatissimo.

QUI trovate la preview di Google Libri.

Qualche passaggio:

"If a person only hears the music that’s played on the radio, she is only exposed to that small portion of a much greater musical spectrum, and can only make judgments based on that small universe of music she hears"

"If Joni Mitchell were just starting out today,” he said, “she’d have trouble getting radio air play in this climate"

"The Fable of the Elephant and the Rabbit How the Indies Are Eating the Majors’ Lunch"

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