For UK readers! Buy Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name NOW!

Ok, the campaign itself could sounds a bit "stupid", but who cares...around 700.000 Facebook users joined in the group about Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name number 1 for Xmas in UK singles (nowadays almost only downloads) chart.

1) is a great song
2) they were an huge band
3) is for sure better than the whole top10
4) finally we could have a good song to n.1
5) finally we will not have a plastic stupid song from X Factor to n.1 at X mas

This campaign is usefull:
- You will help music industry with a lot of downloads
- You will help good music (RATM)
- If you "love x-factor and hate RATM" (don't know how, but is possible...) the campaign will help your X-Factor winner, because all the "X vs X" are an incentive to increase the downloads.

last year Jeff Buckley campaign almost did it (#2 on chart), this year the result could be even better.

This should work only in UK, but who cares, u can download RATM - Killing In The Name the same, you could put it at n.1 on your coutry...

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