Best Singles Of July 2008

Radiohead - House Of Cards (Alternative Rock)
Bon Iver - Skinny Love (Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Soul)
The Raconteurs - Many Shades of Black (Classic Rock, Blues Rock)
Ex-Otago - The Rhythm of the Night (Indie Pop Italiano)
Late Of The Pier - Heartbeat (Electro Rock, Dance-Punk, Post-Punk Revival, Indie Rock, New Rave)
Eveline - Dead Railway Stomp (Alternative Rock Italiano, Post-Rock, Folk, Progressive Rock)
Wire - One Of Us (Post-Punk Revival)
Street Dogs - Two Angry Kids (Punk Rock, Folk Rock)
Saul Williams - Convict Colony (Alternative Hip Hop, Electronica)
The Chemical Brothers - Midnight Madness (Alternative Dance, Electronica)
One Day as a Lion - Wild International (Alternative Hip Hop, Rapcore)
Violent Femmes - Crazy (Alternative Rock, Folk Rock)
Brand New Sin - Rusty Drain (Alternative Rock, Southern Rock, Post-Grunge)
Boy In Static - First Love (Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Shoegazing)
Linea 77 - The Sharp Sound Of Blades (Rapcore Italiano, Post-Hardcore)
2562 - Techno Dread (Dubstep, Electronica)
Grace Jones - Corporate Cannibal (Electronica)
R.E.M. - Man-Sized Wreath (Pop Rock, Alternative Rock)
Bloc Party - Mercury (Post-Punk Revival, Indie Rock, Electro Rock)
Billy Bragg - I Almost Killed You (Alternative Rock, Folk Rock)
Dan Se Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Letter From God to Man (Alternative Rap, Grime, Electronica)
Magistrates - Make This Work (Indie Rock, Soul)
Madrugada - What's On Your Mind? (Alternative Rock, Crooner)
Children Collide - Social Currency (Indie Rock, Alternative Rock)
Faker - Are You Magnetic? (Indie Rock, Post-Punk Revival)
Io?Drama - Il Testamento Di Un Pagliaccio (Alternative Rock Italiano)
Extreme - Star (Hard Rock, Glam Rock)
The Mojomatics - Wait A While (Indie Rock Italiano, Garage Rock Revival)
The Cure - The Perfect Boy (Alternative Rock, Dark)
Travis - J.Smith (Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Indie Pop)
M83 - Kim & Jessie (Dream Pop, Shoegazing, Indie Pop)

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